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Many often wonder, how can I be more involved in my community? How can I do something to improve the lives of others? Getting involved is simpler than you think, from an array of different things such as soup kitchens and community gardens. These things can have a significant impact on your community. 

Clothing Drives

Clothing drives can be critical throughout the year. Often shelters host clothing drives to provide things like jackets and gloves during the colder parts of the years, and also new clothing to homeless or low-income families that may have a hard time purchasing appropriate seasonal clothing. By donating clothing, you can help this cause by giving to others. 

Food Drives 

Right now, with people being out of work, food drives are especially important for many. A lot of families are having to choose between feeding their families or paying rent. Food drives help to provide packaged meals to those in need. It also helps to deliver groceries to those who are in need. 

Giving Blood 

Giving blood can always help in your community, especially if you are a rare blood type; these are often needed the most. The Red Cross usually has information on where you can find local blood drives to help this cause. They also provide you with information that is needed if you want to find out if you are eligible for donation and if you have never donated before. The red cross is also continually looking for volunteers for blood drives. The Red Cross also accepts monetary donations if you are unable to give.

Community Gardens 

A community garden is a shared space where a community can come together to help plant fruit and vegetables. This is often helpful if you are in a more city area and do not have the yard space to host a garden. It also helps due to the rise in food costs and will help to provide a better understanding of sustainable living. The use of a community garden can help to create friendships and can help with land reclamation, giving methods to places that were abandoned or ignored, and giving them a purpose.