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Sports mentors can be helpful in many different ways. They have developed skills through personal life lessons, many growing from the help of their mentors. Becoming a mentor helps to raise the aspirations of the young people that you are mentoring and will help them to know that there is someone around them; they can trust and be a confidant. 

What a Mentor Aims To Do 

A mentor aims to help improve the life of another. They help someone form goals, whether it be in life, sports, or another area. Create a set of clear objectives in what you want to accomplish as a mentor, how you feel the skills that you pass on could help add experience to someone else’s life. Mentoring kids that have troubled pasts could be both challenging and rewarding. You could mean the possibility of them getting into a better school, joining a sport, or even having them help out in their community to understand the rewards of helping others. 

Community Engagement 

An article called The Mentoring Effect found that the role of a mentor had a massive effect on the lives of others. One in three people will grow up without the help of a mentor. But a mentor could be seen as a variety of people, from teachers to coaches to counselors. All those people could be considered mentors in a young person’s life. Getting involved in a young person’s life could be exponentially beneficial to them, especially if they are coming from a rough background. Talk to those in your community and find out if any mentoring programs could help you in your endeavor. 

Finding out about mentoring is as easy as a quick google search to find out what is available in your community. Mentoring can also be a great way to get involved with your community and work to help improve it. You may help to change someone’s life for the better.